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Since 2006, Barbara Hardwick has been creating versatile living space design with a focus on residential interiors. Her design repertoire spans a wide range of style and motifs—from the ultra modern to the traditional. Barbara designs homes and spaces that are as unique as those who live in them. She seamlessly blends originality with livability—down to the subtlest details.

Her approach is founded in a deep understanding of the needs, passions, and personalities of her clients. A strong collaboration between designer and client is essential to her process. And her commitment is to craft design solutions that are both stylish and highly functional, that stand the test of time, and that provide a worthwhile investment.

DSA Houzz

Lincoln Park Historic Townhouse

Maintaining the integrity of a period home while facilitating modern city living.

Chicago Riverview Condo

Creating an elegant open floor plan that was kid friendly.

Sentimental Kitchen

Updating a Tutor family home while being sensitive to all the fond memories.

Suburban Addition Challenge

Making a grand renovation feel welcoming—including a massive fireplace.


  • Design Consultation
  • Floor Plans Concepts
  • Furniture Placement
  • Kitchen and Bath Renovation Recommendations
  • Window Treatment Design
  • Upholstering Selections and Sourcing
  • Furnishings Solutions
  • Unique Accessories


Over many years, my association with Barbara Hardwick and Hardwick Designs has served me in ways large and small. From saving me from myself (very bad wall covering choices) to changing the entire flow of traffic and energy in my new home, moving walls and opening space, and creating the warm and inviting environment deeply desired but could not achieve without Barbara's help and guidance. Barbara's commitment to her clients and the high standards she sets for herself and any job she undertakes guarantees a satisfying and beautiful outcome.

What I most appreciate about Barb is her ability to see my vision for my space, and then help me make it happen, so that the finished product is everything that I hoped, and often better than I could envision. That is a gift.

Very professional and respectful to the wishes of the customer. I had various pieces that I wanted to keep in the redecorating projects and she did a great job of incorporating the new ideas into what I already had in my home. Easy to work with and a very fairly priced. Would strongly recommend.

I first saw Barb's finished work in my best friend's home. Her style and flair immediately made an impression on me. Two years later, my husband and I moved to a house that needed cosmetic updating. I contacted Barb and she has helped us transform a 60's tired ranch into our home. Barb's approach to her project is working with her client's style; not her own. Her eye for color is outstanding. She is also conscious of her client's budget-she will hunt for the best value without compromising workmanship.

What I like most about Barb is her passion and dedication to her work and her clients. She goes the extra, extra mile! Lastly....Barb is FUN!

Hardwick Design has done a number of projects for me including a major kitchen remodel, custom draperies, new staircase/carpeting and reupholstering. Barb's design concepts are truly innovative and while I consider myself fairly adept at decorating, she always surprises me with something much better than even I envisioned. She is the consummate professional and goes the extra mile each and every time. Every penny is well spent and well deserved when you work with Barb. I strongly recommend Hardwick Design and have been 110% happy with each and every project.